The ideal performance polymer for applications in demanding conditions — high temperatures, harsh chemicals, plasma environments and applications where high strength and wear resistance are important.

In temperatures exceeding 400°F, Celazole® PBI has the highest heat resistance, wear resistance, strength and mechanical property retention of any engineered polymer on the planet.


PBI Performance Products produces the world’s highest performing engineering thermoplastic – Celazole® Polybenzimidazole (PBI). Parts molded of Celazole® PBI are used in some of the harshest environments – ranging from oil fields to aerospace to semiconductor applications.


Celazole® PBI polymers are uniquely suited for metal replacement and exhibit excellent thermal stability. With excellent resistance to high temperatures and chemicals, and best in class wear resistance, parts made with Celazole® PBI work harder and last longer.


Parts made with Celazole® U-60 benefit from longer part life cycles with 2.5x the flex strength of polyimide.

Service life

Superior wear resistance allows longer life cycles for parts made with Celazole® PBI.

High heat resistance

With a 427°C glass transition temperature (Tg), parts made with Celazole® PBI polymer can operate in some of the highest temperature environments.

High-purity Celazole® U-60SD is especially suited for semiconductor applications and parts used in oxide etching, sputtering, chemical vapor deposition (CVD), and physical vapor deposition (PVD).


Semiconductor parts made with PBI last 2x longer than polyimide.

Long service life

Celazole PBI provides superior wear resistance from SiO2 wafers without scratching.

Increase yields

Celazole® PBI has replaced many polyimide pins, bushings, screws, insulators and other in-chamber parts by offering a two-fold average increase in strength, life cycle and lower contamination.

At temperatures of 400-500°F and with exposure to oil, methane, sourgas, hydrogen sulfide, water, steam, brine, corrosion inhibitors, and more — Celazole® PBI molded parts will perform, even where other polymers have failed.


The only tested thermoplastic material to survive under loads at or above 2,500 psi (at speeds greater than 50 ft/min).

Increase production

Celazole® PBI repeatedly outperforms PEEK in extreme environments where heat, chemical and frictional stress would normally reduce run times.

Safe and reliable

With the highest compressive strength of any unfilled resin, Celazole® PBI is a polymer you can trust in demanding circumstances.

A world leader in high-performance aerospace polymers, our lightweight thermoplastics have unsurpassed heat resistance and high temperature mechanical properties that make it an excellent candidate for aerospace applications.


Retains 100% tensile strength after being submerged in hydraulic fluid at 200°F for 30 days.


Lightweight Celazole® PBI can save airlines in fuel costs by acting as metal replacement in situations requiring titanium and steel.

Heat resistant

For electrical insulators, nose cones, leading edges, ablative heat shields – Celazole® U-60’s high temperature mechanical properties make it an excellent candidate for aerospace applications.

Celazole® PBI can act as an excellent thermal resistant coating and can be film cast, sprayed, dipped or spin-coated onto metal, glass and other substrates.

High performance

Coatings of Celazole® PBI are highly resistant to heat and chemical attack, and will also provide electrical insulation and wear resistance.


Our coatings can be removed in many instances with highly polar solvents making re-work possible.

As a glassy thermoplastic, with exceptional thermal stability (427°C Tg), broad chemical resistance, and the ability to function as a proton-acceptor or proton-donor, PBI is uniquely suited for moving protons, Hydrogen, and water.  For these reasons, PBI is highly suited for H2/CO2 separation membranes, fuel cell proton exchange membranes, and organic chemical pervaporation dehydration membranes – all for use at high temperature.    

1,000 hours

PBI membranes have demonstrated commercially attractive H2/CO2 selectivity and tolerance to H2S, CO and steam in a 1,000 hour test at 225°C, 200 psi delta-P.

Reduce carbon emissions

Celazole® PBI is being used in the development of hollow fiber membranes  for pre-combustion carbon capture to meet the U.S. Department of Energy’s Carbon Capture Program performance goal of 90% CO2 capture for less than $40/tonne by 2025.

Pervaporation dehydration membranes

Manufacturers of organic chemicals and solvents like tetrafluropropanol, ethylene glycol and acetic acid can benefit from Celazole® PBI-based membranes to produce very pure chemicals at a fraction of distillation costs.

Celazole® PBI’s mechanical strength, thermal range, wear resistance, bonding characteristics and broad chemical resistance makes it an ideal solution for many engineering problems.

Bonding agent

In powder or solution form, Celazole® PBI makes an excellent high temperature bonding agent for diamond abrasive cutting tools and wires.

High heat stability

Celazole® PBI is also an excellent high temperature reinforcement material and is very suitable as an asbestos replacement in seals, ablatives and brake pads.


Customer sees 400% improvement in fixtures produced per spinning wheel with switch to Celazole® PBI.


Celazole® U-Series compression molded products are suited for use in extreme and high temperature environments – ranging from oil fields to aerospace to semiconductor applications.



High performance unfilled compression molded PBI



High purity/ultra-low metal semiconductor grade PBI



Electro-static dissipative PBI



Carbon fiber reinforced PBI

Celazole® T-Series products are compounds of PBI and polyaryletherketones. They are designed for injection molding and extrusion and used in applications that demand high strength, thermal stability, broad chemical resistance and excellent wear resistance.



High performance unfilled melt processable PBI/PEEK



Self-lubricating melt processable PBI/PEEK



Carbon fiber reinforced melt processable PBI/PEEK



Glass fiber reinforced melt processable PBI/PEEK



High performance unfilled melt processable PBI/PEKK



Self-lubricating melt processable PBI/PEKK



Carbon fiber reinforced melt processable PBI/PEKK

Celazole® PBI solutions and coatings provide heat and chemical resistance in addition to electrical insulation and wear resistance. These solutions are suitable for film casting, dip coating, spray coating and resin impregnation.


26% PBI solution for films and coatings (contains LiCl stabilizer)

S10 & S15

10% and 15% neat PBI solutions for coatings or film casting


Custom solutions can be made for tailored coating applications

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