Celazole® PBI can act as an excellent thermal resistant coating and can be film cast, sprayed, dipped or spin-coated onto metal, glass and other substrates

Polybenzimidazole can also be used as a thermal resistant coating. By dissolving the PBI polymer into highly polar aprotic solvents like n,n-dimethylacetamide (DMAc), dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO), or n-methylpyrrolidone (NMP), PBI can be cast, sprayed, dipped or spin-coated onto metal, glass and other substrates – then cured to yield thermally resistant coatings. Such coatings can serve to protect substrates from corrosion, function as a dielectric layer, serve as a thermal insulator or as a high temperature adhesive.


In a scratch resistance study, the scratch depth of PBI was shown to be 39% shallower than PEEK, 43% shallower than polyimide with 2% graphite, and PBI had the highest penetration recovery.


Coatings of Celazole® PBI are highly resistant to heat and chemical attack, and will also provide electrical insulation and wear resistance.


In some situations, old PBI coatings can be stripped and renewed with a new PBI coating.


Tie layer

Used in conjunction with PEEK or PAI, Celazole PBI coating makes a great tie layer to bridge CLTE mismatch. CLTE of 23 µm/mC matches that of aluminum.

Fan blades

PBI coatings provide an anti-fouling and low friction surface for fans in high temperature gas streams.

Valve bodies

Used on the interior of a valve body, PBI coatings provide corrosion resistance with 9000 psi adhesive strength.

Oven parts

Coating the interior of oven parts reduces corrosion caused by off-gases.


Shielding of metal end-effectors and chamber parts for reducing metal exposure or imparting anti-stat property.

Base layer

Used with PEEK or PPS, Celazole PBI forms a tight bond to metal substrates and helps alleviate cracks due to shrinkage of crystalline top layers.

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